Installing the OTPLESS Plugin

Enhance your Webflow site’s security and user experience by integrating OTPLESS. Follow these simple steps to install and activate the plugin on your Webflow site.

Step 1: Access Webflow Admin Panel

  1. Log In: Sign into your Webflow account and access the admin panel.

  2. Select Your Site: Navigate to the dashboard, find the project where you want to install OTPLESS, and click on it.

  3. Open Site Settings: In your site’s dashboard, click on the Settings option to access various configuration settings.

Step 2: Add OTPLESS to Your Site

  1. Navigate to Custom Code: Within the site settings, find the Custom Code tab and click on it.

  2. Embed OTPLESS Script: Copy the script below and paste it into the Head Code section of the Custom Code tab. This script is crucial for enabling OTPLESS functionalities on your site.


    Replace YOUR_APP_ID with your actual App ID provided in your OTPLESS dashboard.

  3. Save Changes: After pasting the code, make sure to save your changes to apply the new settings.

Step 3: Publish Your Site

Once the OTPLESS script is added, you need to publish your website to make the changes take effect:

Publish Site: Go back to your project’s dashboard, and use the Publish button to update your live site with the new authentication capabilities.

OTPLESS is now active on your Webflow site, ready to provide your users with a secure and streamlined login experience.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues during the installation or have questions about configuring OTPLESS on your Webflow site, please visit our Support Page for detailed guidance and assistance.