Create an Account

Start by creating your account at OTPLESS using your work email ID. This account will give you access to our comprehensive dashboard, where you can manage all your authentication settings.


Choose Your Authentication Methods

Enable your preferred authentication channels through our dashboard. Choose from options such as Phone and Email via Magic Link/OTP or social sign-ins such as WhatsApp, Google, Apple, and others.


Customize Your UI

Customize the user interface of your sign-in page to align with your brand. Adjust elements such as colors, language, logo, and more to provide a seamless user experience.


Generate Your App Id & API Keys

Navigate to the Dev Settings section of the dashboard to get your API keys. These keys are essential for securely authenticating your SDKs API requests and should be kept confidential.

By following these steps, you will be fully prepared to integrate OTPLESS into your application. For a guided start to integrating our services, proceed to our Quick Start guide.